Salem Ivan Hendricks (Grandfather)
Father5 Sep 1849Isaiah Young Hendricks (Great Grandfather)
Mother5 Feb 1854Lucy Emma Gene Town (Great Grandmother)
Birth12 Nov 1887Morrison,IL,
Death3 Mar 1977St. Petersburg,FL,

Hattie Maye Surpless (Grandmother)
Father21 Apr 1845Moses Henderson Surpless (Great Grandfather)
Mother27 Mar 1850Alice Ewing (Great Grandmother)
Birth24 May 1891Armour,,SD
Death24 Feb 1984St. Petersburg,,FL

Family of Salem Ivan Hendricks & Hattie Maye Surpless
Girl21 Aug 1912Naomi Hendricks (Mother)
Girl29 Apr 1914Dorothy Jeanette Hendricks
Girl20 Sep 1915Hope Lenore Hendricks
Boy31 Jan 1918Salem Samuel Hendricks
Girl22 Oct 1919Phyllis Alice Hendricks
Girl13 Jan 1923Betty Jane Hendricks
Girl18 Apr 1924Joyce Marie Hendricks
Boy Living

Salem Samuel Hendricks (Uncle)
Father12 Nov 1887Salem Ivan Hendricks (Grandfather)
Mother24 May 1891Hattie Maye Surpless (Grandmother)
Birth31 Jan 1918Jackson,,MN

Living (female)

Family of Salem Samuel Hendricks
MarriageJun 1941Jackson,,MN
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy3 Mar 1952James Wayne Hendricks

Isaiah Young Hendricks (Great Grandfather)
Father26 May 1821Leonard Hendricks (Great Great Grandfather)
Mother1 Jan 1819Margaret ??? (Great Great Grandmother)
Birth5 Sep 1849Clyde Township,Whiteside,IL
DeathSep 1905Unknown

Lucy Emma Gene Town (Great Grandmother)
Father19 May 1806Salem Towne (Great Great Grandfather)
Mother19 Mar 1820Mary Ann Garlick (Great Great Grandmother)
Birth5 Feb 1854Morrison,,IL
DeathJul 1919Jackson,,MN

Family of Isaiah Young Hendricks & Lucy Emma Gene Town
Girl17 Mar 1877Anna Evelyn Hendricks
GirlJul 1879Bessie Hendricks
GirlAug 1881Sarah Hendricks
GirlApr 1885Ruth Hendricks
Boy12 Nov 1887Salem Ivan Hendricks (Grandfather)
GirlJun 1890Dorothy Hendricks

Leonard Hendricks (Great Great Grandfather)
Birth26 May 1821Unknown
Death21 Dec 1890Unknown

Margaret ??? (Great Great Grandmother)
Birth1 Jan 1819Unknown
Death6 Oct 1901Unknown

Family of Leonard Hendricks & Margaret ???
Girl Living
Boy Living
Boy Living
Boy5 Sep 1849Isaiah Young Hendricks (Great Grandfather)

Dorothy Hendricks (Great Aunt)
Father5 Sep 1849Isaiah Young Hendricks (Great Grandfather)
Mother5 Feb 1854Lucy Emma Gene Town (Great Grandmother)
BirthJun 1890,Whiteside,IL

Living (male)

Family of Dorothy Hendricks
MarriageJun 1910Glendale,,CA
Boy1 Jan 1914Glenn Hendricks Berryman
Girl3 Sep 1915Dorothy Lou Berryman
Boy Living

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