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Roadside History:
A Guide to Kentucky Highway Markers

The Kentucky Historical Marker Database is now located at the Kentucky Historical Society's web site. I was privileged to be able to create the database from the published book: Roadside History: A Guide to Kentucky Highway Markers (2002), compiled by Dianne Wells; edited by Melba Porter Hay and Thomas Appleton Jr.

The database is now regularly updated and available as originally intended on the KHS web server. I would like to thank Dianne Wells and Karla Nicholson for their support in this project.  While Karla is no longer with KHS, I will continue to interact with Dianne and others as our mutual interests converge in the future.

If you have comments or questions about the database project, I am happy to respond. Any corrections should be directed to Dianne Wells at: http://history.ky.gov/Programs/Highway_Markers.htm.

-Dwight Newton, Oriscus.com , April 2004.

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