Nougaty Goodness

by Dwight Newton

Nougat logo
Since the summer of 2006 I have been writing articles for Nougat, an arts and culture monthly magazine published in Lexington, Kentucky. The articles generally promote the people and events at the University of Kentucky School of Music, where I work as a marketing coordinator. But they are not purely the hype I am accustomed to writing as press releases for the School. As a musicologist, I have the background to write a bit more in-depth about the music and I am allowed a bit more latitude when writing as a journalist rather than a promoter.

I have archived my articles here in their pure, unedited state as they were sent in. Nougat's editors are very good about leaving my stuff alone, but there was a sub one month who felt he had to slice and dice, rendering some of my text unintelligible. This archive is intended to show my own writing style without editing.